My Favourite K-Pop Songs

Hey everyone!! How are you doing? Hope everything is going well!

So, this post is actually pretty random. I’m just going to be telling you some songs by K-Pop idols that I love. So, without further ado (don’t know why I’m being incredibly posh) let’s get it!

BTS– They are just THE BEST! Literally! You may know I love BTS (if you don’t then, well, now you do!). So it is kinda obvious I would have some favourite songs by them right? Some of you may have heard a few or not but you should really listen to the songs!

My favourite songs by them are…

BLACKPINK– They are the 2nd group I love the most! Their vocals, the rapping everything is just amazing. Like I said before, you may have heard some and others you may not have heard.

My favourite songs by them are…

ITZY– They are also one of my favourite groups. Their rapping is just wonderful and their vocals are top-notch.

My favourite songs by them are…

Well, that’s all for today! I will be making a “My Favourite K-Pop Songs-2” soon! Hope you liked this post!

Stay home, stay safe! FIGHTING!

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